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August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

We have just made a significant update to the Biblefox site – we added some social networking tools which make everything much easier to use. We are definitely not trying to be another Facebook or MySpace, but we thought this would improve the usability of our site.

Everything now focuses around developing your network of friends. Once you have some friends, you can go to the Bible reader and read their blog posts about the Bible. For instance, if you’re reading John 3 and a friend of yours wrote a post on their blog about how inspiring John 3:16 was, you can read it right there!

The social networking features actually come from a powerful, open-source application called BuddyPress. Special thanks to all the people who have worked on that project! Actually, because we are currently much stronger with engineering than graphic design, we have even kept the default look and feel that BuddyPress comes with. We might change up the look in the future, but for now, thanks to BuddyPress, we think Biblefox looks great!

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  1. The website looks great! I like the logo too :) Always reminds me of the story of Samson and the foxes. I will have make a post or two to do justice to your hard work!

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