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Anyone can create a blog on for free. You can use these blogs to blog about anything, but they are especially useful for blogging about the Bible.

Powered by WordPress

Powered by WordPress

Powered by WordPress

Because we built Biblefox using WordPress, we didn’t have to do very much to have fantastic blogging tools, so we could focus on adding Bible specific features. Some standard WordPress features include:

  • Create blog posts and pages using a visual editor (WYSIWYG) with spell checker and auto-saving
  • Add tags and categories to your posts
  • Easy importing and exporting your blog from other blogging tools
  • Allow users to comment on your blog posts

Visit their site to read more about the many WordPress features.

In addition to standard WordPress features, we have added many of our own…

Quick Bible Viewer

Quick Bible Viewer

Edit Post Quick Bible Viewer

We added a Bible Viewer to the blog post editor, enabling you to see any scripture while writing your blog posts. You can easily copy and paste scripture into your post.

Auto Bible Referencing

Each blog post is automatically scanned for bible references (we scan both the content and tags of your blog posts). These references automatically become links to the scripture, and we index your blog according to the references you use, which allows your readers to look up bible references used on your blog…

Bible Reference Lookup

You can search any blog for any Bible reference and see relevant blog posts. For example, let’s say you frequently read a blog written by your friend Joe, and lately you’ve been reading in John 3. You wonder if Joe has written anything interesting about John 3, so you simply go to Joe’s blog and do a bible search. You will see the scripture for John 3 and see any posts which Joe has written about it. Of course, you don’t really have to go to Joe’s blog at all. You can instead use our Bible Reader

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