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    If I set out to write a holy book, would I include a passage like this one?  Probably not. Some claim that Christians have changed, diluted, or otherwise meddled with scripture but after seeing such passages I’m encouraged.  Wouldn’t the Jews, a nation later enslaved by the pharaohs, paint Pharaoh in a worse light?  Wouldn’t […]

  • I have to say that in reading the section of where Abraham turns Hagar out with Ishmael, I felt rather upset at him mistreating her in that way and then sending her off.  It seems quite unfair to Hagar to first have to sleep with some guy and then be mistreated by his wife who […]

  • I really like that definition of faith. It sure sounds scary to have faith but it makes us trust God. I have been studying the Christian existentialist philosopher, Gabriel Marcel. (John, you might be interested in him as he talks about faith a lot!). Faith , for him, is not a blanket to cover over […]

  • I’ve never understood this passage… why God would bless Abraham for abusing his wife to such an extent? I’ve never known how to answer the criticism levelled at the bible over this passage either except in the manner you both do. God still wants a relationship with us despite our weaknesses. Although no-one seemed to […]

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    I suppose I’ve got a instinct for supporting the underdog, and Jacob was certainly the weaker of the two brothers.  But the title of my post doesn’t just reflect my own thoughts – in the NT we Paul using Malachi 1:3 to suggest that God’s hand was at work in this whole sorry tale: ‘Jacob […]

  • We came up with a definition for Faith in our small group earlier this year. We defined Faith as attempting things so big that failure is absolutely guaranteed unless God intervenes. This definition seems to fit in well with Abrahams story. Applying it to my life is often a bit more blind. My life is […]

  • This is one of the most obvious pictures or typologies in the old testament of the messianic sacrifice that was to come. Most of us have probably heard a preacher talk about how Abraham sacrificinghis son is like the Father giving up Jesus the Son. Or how the ram that was tangled in the bushes […]

  • I am glad that passage was encouraging to you. It encouraged me as well. Living like God is going to do big things does take a lot of faith and, as the devotional said, it isn’t always easy or pleasant. I was encouraged about God’s promise to be our shield no matter what. Thus, we […]

  • In recent years I’ve been learning the importance of faith as one of the biggest keys to spiritual life.  Today’s passage spoke to me pretty powerfully about a situation I’m facing, and God spoke to me even more powerfully through the Reflection in E100.  I think he gave some really good advice about looking back […]

  • Our God is an awesome and majestic Creator!

  • I am not quoting 1 Timothy, Just a common secular saying.

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    Here we read about the call of Abraham and the beginning of the Abrahamic covenant (that is more officially made in Genesis 17).  As followers of Christ, we are also part of this covenant.  We are children of Abraham.  We are told this many times in the New Testament.  Romans 4:16 is one of the […]

  • Excellent point! This passage has often given me peace that even if I make a bad decision, God is still with me and still blesses me. Here, Abraham probably didn’t make the best decision to lie about his spouse! I’ve heard some theologians try to justify it but I don’t think that is very helpful. […]

  • Thanks for noting the chiastic structure. I had forgotten that the story can be read like that and it is good to see how God has ordered even the way He tells us about events!


  • This passage is intriguing to me. We traditionally hold up Abraham as ‘the man of faith’ – and he was.  But the man of faith got to that place only after a long journey of growth.  Here are the beginning of his story we see a weaker Abram who bails out of the land when […]

  • This passage marks the end of the so-called Primeval Narratives in Genesis; very early stories of the human race in general. Next comes the ‘table of nations’ and then we embark on the story of Abraham – the beginning of the story of the people of Israel. The literary structure of the Babel narrative points […]

  • This is a great post. Thanks for the archeological information. It is so true that sometimes we snub our noses at the past and think that we have gotten things all figured out now but in reality we are probably not as a far ahead as think. C.S. Lewis talked a lot about the dangers […]

  • Good connections between the Tower of Babel and Pentecost. I don’t often put those two things together.

    So, do you think things like the United Nations are good things? Should we all become one country?


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    When satan asked Adam and Eve “Hath God said?” in Genesis 3, he sowed those seeds of suspicion. He then implied, reading between the lines, that God was withholding his best from Adam and Eve, not permitting them to “be as gods.” So those first seeds of suspicion of God’s goodness have been multiplying ever […]

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    thanks for the Babel/Mergut Zigguret info Al, i was thinking about that as i read the passage, and wondering how big it was..!

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