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    Someone suggested that I mention a few of the sources that I use in studying the BooK of Acts.  Here are a few:  The NIV Archaelogical Study Bible – I love the interesting notes and articles of a passage regarding its historical setting, geography, archaelogical discoveries, and non-biblical sources that complement the Scriptures.  If you are…[Read more]

  • This story hits really close to home for me. Mankind had once again turned his back on Gods plan for him, and instead started living for themselves, the things of this world, and their pride (Don’t forget that throughout the Bible God seems to have a particular hate for pride). In effect they were making […]

  • Good discussion here Alan, I’d love to see the issues debated or even talked about in churches. The fact that there is even a controversy within the church usually means that the issue doesn’t surface or only the one side is dealt with.

  • I think that you are right that verse 15 is referring to the coming of Christ – as He will be the one to crush the head of Satan. Theologians refer to the verse as the “protoevangelium” showing the first prophesy of the coming good news – the Messiah. I don’t know about the whole […]

  • At Babel, men were trying to be united under their own strength, working together to achieve their own goals by their own power. What they were doing almost sounds good: they were working together in unity. But it was their purpose that was evil: glorifying themselves rather than God. And so God introduced a language […]

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    See my reply to hannah on my post entitled “God’s Power – Not the survival of the fittest” as she asked the same question

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    Don’t worry Alan, I’m not professing to have all the answers or even to claim I have reached a conclusion about what I believe took place. What is important to me is to attempt to remove that bias you refer too when looking at the facts. If what we believe is true then the facts […]

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    Thank you, I checked out a few of the articles. I recommend http://www.answersingenesis.org I would have to disagree with you on there being strong evidence for the earth being really old. The examples I gave of common theory contradicting the practicalities for applied scientists today are just scratching the surface. Carbon 14 dating, Fossil Records, […]

  • I have always loved the story about God showing Noah His covenant through the symbol of a rainbow.  I remember when I was a little girl I had never seen a rainbow before and I wanted to so badly.  I decided to pray and ask God to show me a rainbow.  I prayed every day […]

  • Good point, Alan. Thanks for pointing that out. It does seem a little crazy to build an ark in 7 days and it makes sense that it would take a lot longer. They probably only had four men building it (Noah and his three sons) so I am sure it probably did take a while. […]

  • I agree with you Hannah, Righteousness I think is a very hard thing to achieve but then again it isn’t overly complicated. Its just a matter of taking God at His Word and trusting and obeying. I’m glad that we live in this day of grace when our faith in Christ Jesus is credited to […]

  • I was struck in reading this passage about the righteousness of Noah.  What made him righteous?  I liked what the devotional said, “And why was God pleased with Noah?  Because he was willing to listen and to obey God’s word.  That’s the definition of righteousness.” I know that I often talk about how hard it […]

  • Good thoughts! We can even expand it beyond the galaxies and the atomic matter to intangible things such as personality traits or unique characteristics of language. We can think of all the different types of people in the world and how they act, the things they do and how each are created in God’s image […]

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    Good thoughts, Shireen. There is that tension of seeing that there are still good things in this world because God created it good and yet it is a broken and fallen world as well. How can we enjoy things but at the same time be saddened by the SIN that is around us? I wonder […]

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    John, I think you made some good points about feeling like there must of been extra time somewhere. I agree with you. It seems that either God created things old or the days were not 24 hour days or something else! And since I am not a scientist, I cannot speak directly to evolution either […]

  • Shireen, Excellent point about God being outside time! I hadn’t thought about that in relation to this idea. That makes a lot of sense. We are trying to put God in a time box in saying that He completed creation on such and such a day when in reality He can work out of, around […]

  • Hi Hannah, 1) micro evolution was a term coined by the media team at the British museum of Natural history in London back in the 70’s. It describes how some Animals have a distinct advantage to survive in their environment then others of their species. A classic example is the pepper moth in the UK […]

  • Its interesting reading where God curses Satan and says He’ll put enmity between him and the woman, and between his seed and her seed”. This is intersting because as far as I’m aware a woman doesn’t provide a seed with reproduction. Its the man who has the sperm which is the seed. The only man […]

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    While the book of Revelation is chock-full of prophecy, its pages reveal the names of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through those names we can know more of His awesomeness! Also see the Poem/Lyricss featuring these names of Christ “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Revelation 19:10c) Who is, Who was, and Who is […]

  • In September of 1983, my life was totally transformed through a miraculous visitation from the Lord Jesus Christ. He sovereignly delivered me out of a Buddhist cult which masqueraded as a “world peace organization”. (See my testimony page for more details.) After the Christian lady who had her whole church praying for my salvation gave […]

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